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I'm ethnically Indian. As annoying as the British are, and as well documented as some of the abuses... the British are not this evil colonizing power you make them out to be. Everywhere the Brits went, they educated the native populations (especially the 'elites' of that population) with good English education and wanted them to assimilate into British culture. That's not to say they were perfect, but it's also not surprising that Britain and India get along farely well and that Indians are well-accepted in the UK as Britons. IIRC, at this point the entirety of the British isles are now led by people of Indian ethnicity.


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Parliamentary systems are basically electoral colleges that meet regularly. You elect an elector (an MP). They vote for a leader... the PM, the new head of government. The PM lasts as long as he has the support of the parliament. While PM he/she basically gets to pass whatever legislation they want by introducing it into parliament, and getting his party / coalition to vote for it.