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Doesn't mean they can't raise your rates. I had someone dip from a small fender bender recently, either one of us could have been determined to be at fault, but they didn't stick around long enough to figure out. I considered filing a claim to get the rear quarter repainted, but a quick Google search yielded the result that the average "uninsured motorist" claim adds 10 percent to your annual bill. I think I'll just keep looking at the scuff.


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We're almost at 200 people exonerated from death row. 200 PEOPLE on death row, that were found to be entirely innocent. I used to be pro death penalty, now I'm totally against it until we (probably never) fix the system. The judicial system as a whole is in ruins, studies show that almost 10 percent of the prison population is innocent of the crimes they're in there for. Even if it's 2 percent that's too much. There's so much that feeds into it. Tunnel vision, "expert" testimony by people who don't have any legitimate accreditation, speaking on opinion or myth. Public defenders who are overloaded and don't care about their clients lives, and juries that don't understand what reasonable doubt means.


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We used to have a shitty little 1br apartment in Burlington, and our heat was about on par with that per month. Of course the upstairs neighbors were only paying 100/mo because they got all of our heat 😭 couldn't get out of that place quick enough between the heat fuckery and lack of driveway maintenance. I used to have to pull everyone out of the driveway in my outback, otherwise everyone would get stuck and gridlock the parking lot.