wrgrant t1_jddddom wrote

Well I am affecting that stat for my part. Over 60 YO, made 1 post to TikTok as an experiment after spending about 20 mins watching the most pointless shit I have seen on the Internet, have never returned there and likely won't do so. Social Media is pretty crap most of the time these days. FB is mostly pointless to me, Instagram is filled with ads disguised as regular posts, Twitter is a massive waste of time etc. Tiktok hasn't proven to be different for my purposes. But since I have an account I am no doubt skewing the average to whatever degree while also not participating.

Reddit is of course also a massive waste of time, filled with pointless posts and content, but at least I don't get inundated with as many ads and I can filter most of the content to just the subjects that interest me.