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You need to provide a lot more details than that to make any sense. Because what you wrote does not conclude any of your points you made at the end.

There will be people, who can't produce value, who don't want to, who want to destroy the value instead of creating it. There may be competing societies who run on different systems. Just by having stake in the society (essentially socialism) you do not solve any of those problems.

From the very basics, you need education for any long-term community, and that in and of itself does not do well without duties.


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Simply because life at its very core is a conversion of energy. That energy needs to be supplied. Since we are talking about a society, one would assume people belonging to such society would help with the resource management and distribution, even to those, who can not directly partake themselves.

How do you run a society without duties and privileges? And what is the goal of such community?