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As a bald guy whenever I see another bald guy in public I point him out to my wife and say look at that guy over there, you know he's a good guy.

She got sick of the joke a long time ago but it'll get funny again in the future.


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People see it as a selling point because it's what's been marketed to them, the vast majority of smartphone users will never need a phone camera with more than a 20 megapixel sensor.

Screen resolution, screen refresh rate, battery size, processor, and storage are important.


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Sure choking them out is the point of the game, but smart players will never let you get a 3rd property without trading for a 3rd of their own. Typically in that situation you'll want to prioritise getting the most money you can out of them so hotels can be worth it.

4 houses is usually the way, but sometimes hotels are fine.


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Go for oranges and light blues, if you get those early enough you win.

Light blues have the cheapest houses and can be used as an engine to fund others, if one person lands on them once you can basically insta-quad house or hotel them.

Oranges are the most efficient house to payment increase in the game, also people get sent to go and jail making them more likely to land on light blue and orange squares.

Once you're late game like this you may as well just end it because you're just delaying the inevitable.


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What's super weird about this article is it repeats the "doomed to fail" comment twice but never attempts to explain why.

It explains some of the politics, and how the US is trying to make itself less dependent on Taiwan's chip production.

It seems like the writer just found the comment and really wanted to write an article about it, but had nothing meaningful to add...