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For me the line that showed the death of the Gorillaz was from "Some Kind of Nature" off of Plastic Beach. It was so painfully true that they remixed it to become unintelligible, but it still hits like a bowling ball.

"The needy eat man-mades, They wear phony clothes, they sit with our picture up until they grow old."


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Hey guys I started working on this ship but the captain isn't what I expect a captain to be. All the other boats seem to just ignore him, and he hasn't put anybody in the brig in like, a really long time.

Does anyone have any experience with mutiny? We really like his boat, but again he's really just kind of in-the-way of us sailing it to better waters...


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Try the "Gordon Ramsey".

That's fucked! You're bonkers! Tell me honestly you don't think there's a problem with what you just did...

You have got to be the. worst. frontman I've ever seen in my entire life.

I only see one problem with this band and it's YOU!

then once he starts crying, be like

Yo man we got you some voice lessons and signed you up for improv classes to work on your showmanship, you're really an incredibly important part of the band, and we want to help you start taking charge, open up, and put our band back on the map.

Oh and we got you some new clothes... Wear them...


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Dreams don't happen in your eyeballs, they happen in your brain. So set up a fancy camcorder eyeball in my skull and you won't see anything but the inside of my eyelids. That's because the projection of the dream happens inside your brain.


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Pardon the incredulity but it sounds like you don't need to replace her shower door for her. Things break, you were doing a good deed when it happened so it is not your fault.

If you are feeling guilty about granny not getting to bathe, buy her a shower rod and curtain and wish her the best of luck. I mean you can replace the broken door out of an abundance of kindness, but you really shouldn't feel obligated to do it.


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That is the natural prediction of these things, but I believe OP was looking for some specific, graphable differences to support the idea that these things in distant space do actually exist and evolve dynamically. The alternative implies that these distant constructs are either static projections, or somehow exist outside of our bubble of time.

While the thing you said about change at the macro level is spot-on, good science means we must use data to support these understandings, or else we must reject them entirely.