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> They were originally installed at a time when cash was more common (and Metro still used paper farecards), so they made sense back then.

They were installed at a point where you processed credit cards with a carbon paper swipe in general and the concept of electronically debited accounts was newfangled and required massive amounts of custom software.


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I think so -- in my book it involves actually threatening someone and taking the vehicle. Not crimes of opportunity like jumping behind the wheel of a car someone was dumb enough to leave running unattended. Seems like current parlance is just about every auto theft is a carjacking.


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Understood -- usually my goal is to get the truck to stop idling outside my window because it makes my head hurt, walking outside and asking nicely is quicker than calling and waiting for enforcement to show. If your goal is to spare environmental pollution rather than noise pollution then the same logic probably applies. Frankly the process is probably quicker than actually reporting it anyhow. YMMV.