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I truly can't understand how or why someone would treat a weapon with such triviality. Truth be told I don't really want to. If you, or anyone for that matter, treated a concealed firearm with the same regard as their keys or phone, why should I trust that they'll respect the basic rules of firearm safety?


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I'm not trying to speak for everyone. Accidentally losing a gun doesn't have the same impact that losing a phone or wallet has. Any attempts to compare the two negates the seriousness of carrying a concealed weapon for self defense and the mindset one has while carrying.

Why would you ever treat a loaded weapon with the same triviality that one treats a wallet or keys?


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You kind of did. If you can't hear a lot of keys jangling around that are about equal weight to a P238, and don't notice the lack of the additional weight, you kind of might need to pay more goddamn attention.

Why do you care, anyway? This thread is about people equating keys and whatnot to firearms as if forgetting the former is equivalent to forgetting the latter.


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No duh, but even then it should be very, very obvious that you don't have a holster on your waist. The only way a firearm and keys are really comparable in that they're things that are usually carried, but other than that there's a significant weight (both metaphorically and literally) that should be hard for one to forget.

Makes you wonder how seriously they actually take carrying in a school.


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Trivial things maybe, but if you carry something habitually (e.g. a wallet, laptop in your backpack) it's very clear when you don't have it. Especially the whole "carrying to protect your students" schtick, it's something I really hope they'd take seriously. Carrying a gun isn't something trivial, especially if it's a chunky mf.


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> Firearms have no utility aside from hunting or warfare

Self defense is very much a valid reason. During the civil rights era firearms were used to defend against racist groups/lynch mobs by black communities. Fun fact: in some cases the police themselves even participated in the lynch mobs.

> Also there are many more cars being used per minute than guns so they will obviously have a higher rate of fatalities

And because of that, for literal decades motor vehicles have been the leading cause of death in children.

> Those motor vehicles are also taken away from individuals who are not using them in the prescribed manner

Vehicle ownership isn't a protected right, and one is only required to get insurance and licensing if operating on public roads. Registration, licensing, insurance, none of those things prevent people from misusing their cars to intentionally or otherwise harm others.


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I wouldn't know, I don't watch Fox or Tucker. I mean I'm not "frothing state" but you believe whatever you want to lol.

> mosquitos kill a lot more people than both so let’s ban them right?

Fuckin A, how can I help? Mosquitos not only are fucking annoying they kill ~700k people worldwide.

> Get back to me when a gun requires taking an exam, getting a permit, then shooting only with a licensed instructor or firearm owner, then taking a practical test, then carrying liability insurance, with a license that can be revoked if you prove not responsible enough to handle it.

Then I guess I'll never be getting back to you as you can't and shouldn't one to pass a test in order to exercise their rights. That is a very, very dangerous precedent. You remember Texas' abortion ban, and the way they effectively skirted a constitutionally protected right? That opened up a whole-ass can of worms that people can now use to attack other rights.

> “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State…”

Well regulated meaning functioning, in working order.