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First, this is not a "small" model so size DOES matter. It may not be hundreds billion parameters but it's definitely not small imo.

Second, it always has been (about data) astronaut pointing gun meme.


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Google has probably used stuff from OpenAI too (decoder only GPT-style training or CLIP or Diffusion or Dall-E ideas maybe?). Anyways, it's clear they (and probably every large tech company with big AI teams) are in an arms race at this point. Its definitely not a coincidence Google, OpenAI / Microsoft released on the same day, and we also heard Baidu is releasing sometime these days. Meta and others will be probably following suite. The publicity (and the market share for this new technologies) is worth too much.


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They have a list of projects and / or ideas pinned to some of their channels. If you want something to happen then you're expected to be pro-active and lead (or follow someone else who is leading); it's the only way this kind of collaboration can work. Tbf it's very hard to collaborate among people on different time zones with their own schedules but they somehow make it work.