xNetrunner t1_is3sajb wrote

Glad they didn't make a highway go through fells and canton. Although Boston St might as well be a highway.

Baltimore needs to do more to prevent assholes with loud exhausts, going 70mph in a 30, and having no stop signs or street lights or speed bumps.

I don't care where these people have to be. This is a city full of people.

People should be able to walk places and not hear loud shit flying by them. Simple. If you're in a car you can go the speed limit and stop for pedestrians, it won't kill you. They shouldn't be playing frogger.

Bring speed cameras. Bring crosswalks. Bring speed bumps. Let people bike and walk.


xNetrunner t1_ir5oh7w wrote

Zeke is not interested in helping his district. He is not accountable for Boston St turning into a hellhole highway.

There was 3 major accidents this last 2 weeks there.

He ignores emails.