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Not disagreeing at all. I’m glad I made this post, honestly. I’ve spent too much time arguing myself into accepting that cost.

> Spend 10k on something used and decent.

This just doesn’t exist anymore.

I definitely need to be more realistic about this, and I’m sure I can find something in the middle if I keep looking. Fortunately, I’m really not in a rush.


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Sorry if I misrepresented anything. My credit line does not affect my spending at all. I did a bit extra this month, but that was a unique case, which I am more than equipped to pay off quickly. I use a CC to spend based on my income, not my limit. Overall utilization is 44%.

>Right now, you've said nothing about costs other than groceries, rent & bills and debt. Most people also buy household goods, clothing, medical care, and they certainly have to maintain a vehicle if they have one. Those gaps make this decision impossible to evaluate.

This is a fair point. I budget $1,100 for general spending per month. This is an aspect I need to tighten up on more properly, as you're saying.

>That's a huge range and for some reason, you've only considered only the extremes.

As for the car, there aren't many great options between. I do see your point, but I want this car for 10 years. I want it to be worthwhile.

>You probably need to stay in your shared housing situation (or find another with similar costs)

Not an option. That said, I don't plan on moving until July. Which is why I'd rather get the car now and have some delay between.


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I'm not facing any interest issues with my credit. Nothing significant. This is the highest my CC debt has ever been because I splurged a bit on Christmas gifts for family. I'm going to aggressively attack it in January. Putting $1500 on it tomorrow.

A part of me wanted to zero it all out with my savings, but that would delay the purchase of a car by a few months. I don't need a car asap, but I need one soon. I can see an argument for both options, but realistically, which is better?

>The two options you have are not "500/month new vehicle or $3000 beater" -- you are choosing not to see the options inbetween.

Honestly, after all I've seen of the used car market this past week, none of it feels worth it. I'd be paying minimum $350 a month for 6+ year old cars that have flaws. I recognize $500 is high, but everything is high for cars right now. 3 year old used cars are as or more expensive than brand new cars. Same exact make/model.

I don't want to finance a car that will require a lot of maintenance. I don't want to deal with for-cash craig's list vehicles (which would be the cheapest solution) given the sketchy nature.


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People will embrace Vine again if it's given the proper re-launch.

I like TikTok. I recently uninstalled it for the obvious reasons, but once you cultivate a good "for you page", you see all this content you love. It's changed very much from the "teens singing" app. My fyp is a combo of all my hobbies and some great skit groups.

The energy of TikTok deserves to live on. Just get China out of it.