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Hell yeah they are. And the Bruins are on pace to break the single season wins record. I've been following them both closely all season and it's been super fun to watch, the Free Jacks don't take anything away from either!

FJ went 13-3 last year and fell JUST short of the final, so all three teams have a legit shot to bring it home this year.


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It's true, people tend to stick to what they're familiar with, which is fine. There are more than enough NFL fans looking for something to do in the offseason for both to coexist. Yes the viewership numbers are larger now because the XFL has the attention of the big media outlets, but let's revisit this discussion after 2031 when the USA hosts the Rugby World Cup, and the XFL is of course selling out NFL sized stadiums left and right.

What rugby presents to the average American sports viewer that XFL/USFL doesn't, is something *different.* Something I personally view (and you're welcome to disagree) as the perfect blend of all the 'big 4' sports. The players are gritty and 'hockey tough,' there's constant action/turnovers like basketball, each player on the field has responsibilities on both offense and defense, and it doesn't have the constant ad breaks that plague the American football games.

I'm not trying to pull anybody away from any of the other sports, I've simply found that people are interested in learning, they just don't know how to start. So that's the purpose of this post, is all. I hope you have a great afternoon and enjoy your XFL this weekend, sincerely!


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They're not strict about people grabbing seats if they're open, which shouldn't be hard to find at least towards the beginning of the season. I do think they could start inching towards selling out as it gets warmer, if the team continues its success from last year. Crowds have been noticeably growing as time goes on.

That's fair about the costs... I believe the prices are that way because they include admission to the festivals in addition to the game. Gates typically open a few hours before the game, so there's live music, activities, other community rugby games, etc scattered around before the main event begins.

Even for those who can't make it to games can watch them all on TV and support the team that way!