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In the UK cigarettes and rolling tobacco are sold in a horrible dark green packet that isn't allowed to have any branding, only health messages like "smoking kills" and such and are also taxed at an insane rate. But I always argue that if tobacco gets treated this way then why can I still walk down the alcohol aisle of a store and see all the bright coloured branding on that? Alcohol can kill you much much faster than smoking and can cause much more harm to others than second hand smoke. If I can buy a relatively inexpensive alcohol with brightly coloured branding all over it to pickle my liver with, why can't I buy a cheap packet of cigarettes with clear branding to know its the ones I want so that I can relax after a stressful day?


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Seeing the wealth of religious figures always reminds me of a saying jesus supposedly said - "it's harder for a rich man to get through the gates of heaven than it is for a fully laden camel to get through the eye of a needle"

From what I remember that was In a very early version of the bible but was taken out because rich people could not possibly believe for a moment that they would not he allowed into heaven.


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My god you sir are a genius!! Let's bomb the entire nation to punish the government for oppressing their people. What a marvelous idea, what people that are left alive after the bombings will surely crawl out of the rubble of what was once their homes and lives and thank us with open arms.

Do I really need to put /s for this one? Your comment makes me doubt your intelligence so maybe.


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This is the reason I hate football. Its organisations cause huge human suffering across the world because their bribes are more important. They lavish footballers with ungodly sums of money, quite a lot of them then turn out to be rapists. Then the fans cause endless destruction with rioting, not even because their team lost half the time, just because its expected of football fans now so hey why not?


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I have nothing against protesting for climate change because its an issue that needs to be solve, but these guys are being total dicks about it. Don't target the average person as there is jack shit we can really do about it. If you spent your entire life from the moment you were born till about age 70 you would save the world overall 1 second worth of carbon emissions, we produce so little compared to corporations its insane, they are the ones that need to be targeted not the average person who is just trying to get to work to earn a living.