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I want to say it’s both, but I may have to do some “research” and get back to you! Seems like I’m getting right to the edge and then kegel stopping it, but I might just be stopping the stimulation just in time. Sometimes it’s too late, and I just bust when I release, but usually I can get a partial orgasm with no nut, and build into a big one. Lol last chick I slept with was some sort of mad scientist. She knew when I was holding one, and would employ her own kegels to completely ruin me.


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Serious note, check out parallel. Portal is done but you can find on after market. Insane 65%. Sequence is solid, kind of a portal at home without the gaudy weight. Array is plastic portal with big metal weight. Pcb and plate are compatible with all the models, so it’s a good place to spam 65’s until you realize that TKL is the superior layout and are filled with regret and existential dread(more than usual that is, if you are anything like me!)


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If you ask me it’s a clever pr campaign, building a cult of personality around a telescope. Lol more realistically though a lot of people do a lot of stuff on the big science projects. Webb is an easier headline, kinda like Hubble rather than which ever list of university departments are cooperating for this particular project.


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You are clearly good at what you do. Mediocrity in one field isn’t necessarily worth excellence in another. I also wouldn’t discount the value of quality service. I would imagine quite a few software engineers would be much more intimidated by the thought of carrying on a conversation with someone for an hour than you are by the thought of programming. A good engineer should make more than a good barber, but there is nothing wrong with an excellent barber making more than the average engineer.