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The article actually says “explanation of the origin of the Milky Way within the context of creation myths”, meaning that the Milky Way had got its name because it looked like a splash of milk in water, and the myth was then invented as an explanation.


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The solar system formed when enough of the material drifting around in space started to clump together due to gravity. As this happened, gravity and collisions caused the relative motions of most of this material to tend to cancel out, leading to the clump having an overall velocity and a spin (that’s just a result of the physics of the situation).

As the clump continued to contract, most of it became the sun, while other bits continued to orbit this, contracting independently. Hence the planets and other bodies in the solar system generally sharing a common plane and direction of orbit.

Other events such as collisions and large bodies passing by could change this.


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Oh I have, but I’ve also been a part of conversations where a troll tries to turn a discussion into a flamewar by changing the subject and cherry picking data. The easiest way to close them down is to pull them back to the original topic which they weren’t really interested in. They soon get bored and look for someone else to troll.