xt1nct t1_j41o1nz wrote

We have an old ibm erp system. I develop apps around it.

We needed a data provider from IBM all the other databases give you that for free since you are already paying for the database. Not IBM $11k and their support is complete trash. Missing documents.

IBM had their own forum and when people were having issues asking questions IBM employees would respond with “sent you private message”. Like wtf a forum is so someone can search it and find a solution, but IBM is probably trying to milk them for money.

Fuck IBM. The worst fucking company in the tech space.


xt1nct t1_j2awndk wrote

Take a moment to appreciate what you have accomplished.

Someone hired you and decided $185k is what they need to pay you. It doesn’t mean you will do more or less work necessarily.

I would focus on this job for the next 2-4 years but eventually explore other options.

There is always room for growth unless you are comfortable.

Also, now you need to figure out how to invest $100k a year!