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Canada is wasting their time and money on building these given the fact that they are shutting down like 6 reactors in a few years. They should have built 2 new large reactors and then 2 new SMRs to supplement. Irrespective im a proud supporter of SMRs and the technology but its gotta make sense for where you are putting it.


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Afghanistan has had a weak passport because most countries have screwed their people quite a bit in the last 30 to 40 years and everyone of those countries is afraid of what might come if they let them in.

Japan has a strong passport because everyone wants them to visit but they couldnt care less about the rest of us. Quite frankly i feel like if i ever go there i may not want to leave either.


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If you are young and havent had much exposure to the accounts of WW2 or the atrocities committed against the jewish community then a good place to start would be any of Elie Wiesels books. My personal recommendation is to start with Night. Books such as Night, Dawn, and stories from people like Gerda are what drive home the point of what they went through and that these were real people who lost everything and not some grand conspiracy as clowns like Kanye try to spew.