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I strategically chose quotes? Lol I chose quotes that they wouldn’t have included in an article if it was meant to “pro Qatar”. I don’t have a strategy or a goal here, I’m simply engaging in the discussion and stating my beliefs.

There are pro-Qatar quotes in the article…from other people, like fifa, not from Al Jazeera themselves.

It’s called journalism. They are reporting on a relevant current event, presenting facts and quotes from both sides, including follow up quotes that clarified earlier quotes. What would you rather them put in the article about FIFAs comments?

I never said “Al Jazeera is anti-Qatar”. I said that they are reporting on the issue we’re talking about and that this article isn’t “pro-Qatar”. That is true regardless of how personally anti-Qatar anyone is.


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Yes…FIFA urges that, not Al Jazeera. That is what they are reporting on.

> And then we'll move onto the Qatari propaganda it presents without counter:

They are quoting the Qatar government on the issue. Common place to have a statement from an accused or relevant party in the article. It’s clearly stated that it’s the Qatari government stating that and not Al jazeera’s view.

The point is that the article is about a comment from fifa. It shows what led to the comment, criticisms of Qatar for a number of reasons, statements from criticized parties, and then contextual comments from the relevant parties. Then it includes clarifying comments from criticizing parties, which would be irresponsible not to include.

That’s called journalism.


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The last article is not even remotely pro Qatar. It’s reporting on FIFA’s comments and giving context that doesn’t paint Qatar in a great light.

Some quotes:

> In February 2021, the Guardian newspaper reported that 6,500 migrant workers from India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka had died in the country since 2010, when Qatar was awarded the World Cup.


> Denmark recently announced its players would wear a “toned down” kit during the World Cup, with Danish manufacturer Hummel saying it “does not wish to be visible” at a tournament that “has cost thousands of lives”.


> The Australian national team recently released a video criticising Qatar for its human rights record and calling for the decriminalisation of same-sex relationships, which are strictly prohibited in Qatar.

I fail to see how this comes across as pro-Qatar


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I see this talking point parroted on here but it’s really not true. Al Jazeera has done tons of reporting on the issue for years:

2013: https://www.aljazeera.com/amp/features/2013/10/4/qatar-under-the-spotlight-for-workers-rights

2015: https://www.aljazeera.com/amp/sports/2015/5/21/amnesty-criticises-qatar-on-migrant-labour-rights

2016: https://www.aljazeera.com/amp/sports/2016/4/1/amnesty-qatar-world-cup-stadium-workers-suffer-abuse

This month: https://www.aljazeera.com/amp/news/2022/11/4/fifa-urges-world-cup-teams-to-focus-on-the-football-in-qatar

Is there some concerted effort on Reddit to discredit Al Jazeera? I’m not even a big reader of theirs but baseless attacks on journalism with certain undertones rub me the wrong way.