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I was going to say the same. Be aware that the word fiduciary is not the same as a banker. It's the term used in investing for those who register for it; a fudiciary is legally required to give investment advice that is in their client's favor rather than their own commission or the firm's. In the US, there are rules about how to become a fudiciary. and it doesn't suit this scenario.

It's a clever piece and beautifully executed. I just don't think the word works here because it has no relation to the subject.


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Just chiming in that it's great for those of us with physical limitations. I can't play most games at a desktop PC for long periods anymore because of feeling loss in my hands and issues with my neck and back, but I can play with the Steam Deck. I actually find it more comfortable than any controllers I tried. I can prop it on a pillow in a way that makes it more ergonomic than a console and controller combo.