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I think part of it is that as you get better, it becomes harder to find matches. Especially at the higher tiers. Additionally, as you get to the higher tiers, every game becomes (as one redditor described it) "the final round of a tournament". Most people want a chill casual game or two, and not have to enter full on high level play all the time.

It also seems to restrict various play styles and/or builds (depending on the game). You can't mess around with something that can't compete on the highest levels, and expect not to just be destroyed over and over again.


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I've been driving in all sorts of weather for ~25 years and never once had any issue with ice or other bad roads (or any accidents either) until that night. I usually take it slow and am a cautious driver. But apparently I wasn't cautious enough. But I appreciate the thoughts! :)


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Thanks. The realization of what happened is hitting me now, and I'm barely hanging on.

As for the finances, they will get better soon. Just started a new job (that is almost double what I was making previously) and haven't got a full paycheck yet.