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Ehhh, I graduated from UMPI and live in PI. It's easily the most "urban" city in Aroostook County, though that's not saying a lot. It's population bounces around the 9k mark, is less conservative than other areas of The County, has decent, though sparse, amenities, and is all-round not bad. Is the degree the same caliber as UMO? Not really, but that may not be what you care about. I moved her from FL and am overall satisfied with the area, though I have zero interest in outdoor recreation, which is really the only entertainment available.

That being said, Bangor is only 2 hours away, Portland 4, Boston 6 (or so), and if you enjoy exploring and idyllic surroundings, you can't go far wrong. I've known some that have decided that they can't live without a diverse range of restaurants and entertainment, but there's a reason that so many people move back here after leaving in their youth. Honestly, I'd recommend checking it out.