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So basically you claim doom and high water and wondered why anybody would want to go and live in California without actually experiencing anything yourself from the place you are criticising.... man have you ever even traveled out of your state?


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just fyi, your personal experience isn't even close to what the majority of californians experience. The majority of people have always lived in or around the LA or SF area and did not experence these crushing snows or flooding you are talking about. When I was growing up there, I remember only one hailstorm in the silicon valley. That was about as bad as you got in terms of cold weather for the majority of the people who live in California....


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it may not be a 4d chess move, but the fact that it even worked is what makes it incredable since the other team is suppose to have the positional advantage when foul shots are missed. if i remember correctly, in this instance 3 of the knicks actually tipped the ball before luka got it.