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His feelings were made of jade. What I mean by that: I knew a girl who I had a huge crush on. She was just so cool and gorgeous and good at everything. I’d get so nervous anytime she was in the room. When I did talk to her, I was honestly a little intimidated by her intensity and the sort of things she spent her time doing. The more I got to know her the more I realized we really didn’t have anything in common, but I still felt these intense feelings towards her, not all of them pleasant. I somehow felt upset at her for not being like I wanted her to be. I realized I’d built up this idea of her in my mind and was more attracted to that than I was to her. She was named after a jewel, and so after I had a moment of clarity about how I was feeling, I renamed the idea of her after a different jewel, Jade. Now whenever I start to have these parasocial feelings or start to put someone up on a pedestal I stop and remind myself that those things aren’t real, they’re just made of jade.


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When he visited the US and addressed Congress he famously said that if it had been the other way around, his father being American and his mom British, then he wouldn’t be doing an introduction and they already would have know him well. Basically saying if he was American he’d already be running the place.