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Just because it hasn’t happened to you or you’ve never heard of it happening, doesn’t mean that it doesn’t happen. I grew up in typical midwestern suburbs, generally nice areas with no crime. This would happen though to people who put signs out like that.


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Great way to get vandalized with eggs or TP or spray paint because of entitlement. So no, standing up for yourself leads to nothing good in this situation.


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Clips should be used for two circumstances: A brand new weightlifter and a power lifter whose bar bends from the amount of weight they’re lifting which causes the plates to slide down and off.

Any other situation, they do more harm than good. They contribute to muscle imbalances because normally the weights would slide off on the weaker side. Once you notice this happening, you readjust accordingly. With clips on, you have no idea which side is lifting more and you start forming crazy imbalances. I’ve never seen someone drop weight plates from it being not clipped, but I’ve definitely seen people almost get hurt doing several exercises because they couldn’t shift the weight off the bar. Anecdotal, but it’s been 10 years of lifting through high school gyms, city gyms, and 3 different gyms at a very large state college. That’s quite a sample size I’d say.

If you don’t believe me, go take a bar and clip the weights to it. Let’s choose barbell lunges for the example. Then consciously allow the bar to dip on one side of your shoulders. See how you’re still able to perform the lift without the weights falling off? Wow! Must be doing the exercise correctly then. Except you aren’t.


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Nah that doesn’t check out. People from really poor countries who line-dry their clothes know not to leave clothes out in the rain. How does anyone think wet clothes will dry by becoming more wet? My grandparents were literally dirt poor in that they lived in shacks that had dirt floors. So no dryers because they weren’t even invented and even if they were, no way in hell could they afford them. But they knew not to keep their clothes out in the rain.


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You’d never hear the sound even if they were “relatively” close to each other, like right next to each other. Sound works by vibrating molecules, primarily air since it’s everywhere. Sound also travels through solid objects which is why you can hear vibrations of objects. So it works by vibrating molecules. In space, there are no cohesive molecules. The sun is a sustained nuclear reaction and if we were able to hear it, we would be deafened by it. But we don’t hear it because there’s nothing for the sound waves to vibrate through. With space between earth and the moon, any sound that originates from one celestial body to another ceases to exist once it enters into space because there is nothing there for sound to travel to.