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Your link doesn't work. You see that because you only look at the subway inside Paris. Paris has 3 track systems (Metro, RER, Transilien) covering Paris and its suburbs just like NY covers Manhattan and the other borough, except they only have one system which is less efficient. My argument is that we need to stop trying to make excuses about why the maintenance and construction of the NY system is so corrupt, slow, and wasting money because it's SOOOOOOO DIFFERENT when in reality it's not. Your free market argument though is completely accurate, and that's the problem, nothing to do with the age of the system, the mileage, the price of the ticket or the ridership. It's like as soon as you mention how other system manage perfectly fine, people here immediately jump to cover the people who fuck the system because they want to make it sound so exceptional.

Here is a link, and it's from 2011:


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I'm tired of those arguments trying to tell me that there's no corruption in the way the MTA budgets and spends and that they are only spending that much because of the rock, the mileage, the shape now apparently.... Believe what you want and refuse to compare to how other countries can maintain and expand a similar system for cheaper and faster...


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Stop trying to tell a Parisian who's been living in NY for decades how the Parisian system works 😂 The "facts" you Google are only about the subway inside Paris. That's like Manhattan. Queens, Brooklyn and The Bronx are like the Parisian suburbs, where we have the RER network and the Transilien network going there. Anyone living in the suburbs commutes using these all the time and they're included in the monthly pass. Look it up.

If you want the mileage data:

  • Parisian Subway: 365 miles of track
  • Parisian RER: 141 miles of track
  • Parisian Transilien: 807 miles of track
  • NY subway: 665 miles of track

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Again, wrong. I mean, that's barely true if you only count the subway system inside Paris, which would compare to the weekly ridership of the NY subway in Manhattan only. The RER system that goes in the suburbs is as wide as the subway lines in BK, Queens and Bronx.

Ok, facts now:

  • Daily ridership of Paris subway system: 4.1 million a day
  • Daily ridership of NY subway system: 2.4 million a day

You have to stop repeating these "facts" you heard without checking sources...


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(actual facts and prices at the bottom) You're so wrong, and I'm tired of people spreading misinformation, please scroll down to compare actual prices. But I assume you're saying that from the US having not experienced the Parisian subway system for example. You're comparing single ride tickets. This is for tourists, and they're still lower, but do you know that weekly and monthly passes are SIGNIFICANTLY lower to advantage residents? Like, you get an actual discount for getting a weekly or monthly pass where in NY it's basically the regular price of 2 rides a day (at the price of the NY unlimited MetroCard you get about 46 rides at regular price, basically 2 commutes a day for 23 days AKA the number of business days in a month...)

But let's actually compare the facts:

  • NY single ride: $2.75
  • NY monthly pass: $127
  • Paris single ride: 2.10€
  • Paris navigo monthly pass: 84,10€ (all zones including suburbs) and it can go as low as 72.90€ if you only go two zones. Oh, and you can choose to buy it annually which make sit only 77€ a month.

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I'm waiting for the stupid comments that end up popping up when you compare NY transit construction to Europe AKA NY subway is so old, NY subway is 24/7, and the one that never gets old, NY subway is really hard because of the bedrock in Manhattan and the skyscrapers.

I forgot there were no tall buildings in Paris, no deep river, no catacombs making the ground under it like swiss cheese and the subway wasn't over 100 years old... /S Yet somehow Paris can complete full subway line 10x faster for a fraction of the price, and it's nicer...

The only one I'll foncede it's that NY subway system is 24/7. Nobody prevents them to close it from 1am to 5am like the Parisian one during construction though you know...