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Speaking at the annual energy event of KPMG, Enrich 2022, Mathur said the decline in solar prices will help produce green hydrogen at reduced costs.

In the last five years, the cost of solar electricity has dropped by almost 30 percent which has also contributed to the reduced cost of hydrogen, he added.

“In areas which have good solar insulation, we will start seeing solar hydrogen becoming competitive with gas-based hydrogen even now,” Mathur said regarding the implications of a reduction in solar prices.

Manufacturers of electrolysers are now looking at much larger scales which has brought down costs with far lower risks. Therefore, hydrogen is being produced from electrolysis of water at far lower costs.

He expects solar prices to fall approximately 30 percent by 2030


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The 22-nation agency said it had selected former British Paralympic sprinter John McFall as part of a new generation of 17 recruits picked for astronaut training.

He will take part in a feasibility study designed to allow ESA to assess the conditions needed for people with disabilities to take part in future missions.

>"Better representation of disabled people in influential roles will really help improve attitudes and break down the barriers that many disabled people face today,"


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The decision was made by representatives from governments worldwide at the General Conference on Weights and Measures (CGPM) outside Paris on 18 November. It means that from 2035, or possibly earlier, astronomical time (known as UT1) will be allowed to diverge by more than one second from coordinated universal time (UTC), which is based on the steady tick of atomic clocks. Since 1972, whenever the two time systems have drifted apart by more than 0.9 seconds, a leap second has been added.

Leap seconds aren’t predictable, because they depend on to Earth’s natural rotation. They disrupt systems based on precise timekeeping,

Future metrologists might find more elegant ways than the leap second to realign UTC and UT1.


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The panel seems interesting although I have no idea why they decided to include a boxer (to decide hands-on fight stategy in case human v/s aliens?)

However, it's good to see them being open about this and share their analysis/findings. I hope this a good step in direction of disassociating the stigma that UFO = alien ship