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I sink my teeth into the bar. The texture is strange, coarse, and the chocolate doesn't last long against the warmth of my mouth, quickly slipping away to a puddle of warm, flavored liquid within my mouth.

"Ugh, Carol, these things are disgusting." I jeer at her.

"..." No response.

I kneel before her, smiling lightly at the idea that she may finally celebrate her birthday with her parents. She hasn't been able to for so long, after all, and I'm sure they've bought her a simply ridiculous cake, with the most overly colorful, eyeball-assaulting colors they could find, though always containing the exact same message.
"Happy birthday! We love you!"

I wince further, as my body compels itself to take another bite of the unfortunate-tasting treat. It isn't long before the wafer and puddled chocolate once again assault my tongue, creasing my face in the progress. I straighten out the wrapper, reading the ingredients and smiling faintly at the bright red logo.

"I used to like these things, you know.." I look at her longingly, awaiting her response.

"..." No response.

"You loved them though. I always made an effort to save you one, each Friday as I passed that vending machine outside work. You know the one?"

My speech slows, and tears begin their advance on the defenses of my eyes.

"I... guess, over 13 years.. you forget the taste.. " I whimper, unable to fully contain the sheer volume of liquid attempting to leave my eyeballs.

"..Here. s-so you d-don't forget... the t-taste. S-so you don't forget... me.."

Relieved to be free of the revolting concoction, I place the half I'd initially snapped away down atop the Earth before me, placing a shivering hand atop her.

"I love you... C-Carol... Happy birthday.."

I fold the wrapper in my hands, and leave her to enjoy her treat. It was always her favorite.


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I take a step back, taking a second to consult the otherworldly knowledge gifted to me by the powers of my lord. My mind is suddenly flooded by visions of a world entirely comprised of voxels, and a player character at the whims of creativity to explore, destroy and conquer it with. I clear my hoarse throat, ejecting a cloud of dust.

"Do you know it?" The young squeaky voice calls up to me, tugging at the black tendrils of my frayed cloak.

"Child. I am death. I have at least a basic knowledge of any game you humans have created... are you sure you don't want a game of chance? Or chess, perhaps? Many like to gamble one last time for their life."

The small boy scratches his head for but a second, clearly in deep contemplation.

"Nah! I saw in a movie once that, like, you're super cool and can't be beaten or anything, so.. Minecraft!" He blurts at last, a huge smile splattered across his face painting a vastly different image than I'd expect.

"You are wiser than most, child." I wince slightly, an odd twang of sympathy worming it's way into my nonexistent brain. "I.. I am sorry I must take you so soon."

"It's okay, mr Death! Just look after my Mommy, please?"

".. I will bring her to you, in time."

I am greeted by another huge, toothy grin, the child clearly unaware of what that would entail for his mother.

Finally, after a moment of sincere silence, I extend one of my bony hands, my fingers releasing an awful crackle as I extend them outwards, in offer.

"Take my hand. Let's beat your game."