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I grew up with a lot of racial tension & never thought in a million years I’d marry a white guy, I have had very poor experiences with white ppl as a kid and when I met his family it totally changed my POV. Not everybody is a racist POS and many care about changing the narrative.


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I was caught up in the fact that people didn’t know what MIL meant and totally missed the jokes. When I realized, I too had to laugh at how ridiculous it was and how fucking awesome it could’ve been if he was in fact The Beaver (I dunno maybe like an earlier version of The Goat?). I’m going to just crawl under a rug now.


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This is my mother in law. I am Asian and grew up in a very racially diverse and tense area of Boston & they have really changed my opinion of white families. They are so kind. Also my husbands siblings all married minorities. They are super inclusive !