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You need as in NEED to be east of Route 8 unfortunately. 5 days a week going from Fairfield toward 8 will get old real fast with traffic. It’s not as bad that direction but it still exists. For NYC on at Bridgeport or Fairfield for Metro North via 95. If you’re not in midtown, then you can audible gasp drive into NYC after about 9. Leaving is a fucking bitch though.


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This is actually a really good question and I don’t know the answer. Did you run a NMVTIS or a carfax? I would run the carfax and see if it was registered after the salvage event as a rebuilt title. CarFax may actually show a rebuilt title being issued otherwise call the DMV of the issuing state and see if they can help you out. I am not certain whether CT requires inspection on rebuilt titles but I wouldn’t think so.


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There are a lot of articles saying on aggregate income level / job availability / housing prices that Hartford and New Haven are two of the best cities in the entire country for affordability. Predicting another 5-10% increase for 2023. In my opinion, it’s very unlikely housing prices will see a significant retreat up here until build costs go down and interest rates lower. Right now retirees aren’t moving south because they can’t get a bigger house for less money or a lower monthly with a higher fixed income. One or two of those might be true right now, but in 2019 it was all 4. Until people start leaving, limited inventory and historically “high” prices are here to stay.


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That’s definitely high but like you said you’re not their only caller right now


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Ask 10 people, get 10 answers. If you are not fastening the two pieces directly to one another (glue, pocket jig, etc) there is always a chance they could move a little. Your brackets are fine from a structural standpoint, they might wiggle a little bit when they’re leaned on. I would personally attach across the back as well.


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Sorry to get defensive, there’s a lot of smart asses on Reddit (including this post). Damage to your house is caused by burst pipes with pressurized water in them. Pipes burst because the water inside expands when it freezes. If you leave the faucets open, the idea is if the ice expands it will push out water that’s still 32.1 degrees. The pipes don’t all freeze instantaneously, so it helps equalize any pressure that might build up. Doesn’t work 100% of the time (you have to winterize for that) but it’s another thing to help.


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This is good advice. I write insurance claims and had one where a toilet fitting blew off just from age while the owner was on vacation. They came home to 6” of water in the basement and 2-3” of water on all three floors. Maybe a $2m house with over $700k in damage.


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I’m in a similar situation to you. Oil boiler with central air, and fan coil units that can be converted and run from heat pumps. I’d love to do solar and switch. $30k does not make sense from a repayment period perspective. Even $20k. I haven’t quoted it out (planning to do solar first), but sounds like there’s no rush for me either. I do my best to cut down on emissions for environmental reasons, but part of that means being selective about spending my money where it’s going to produce the most benefit. This does not sound like that place.


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Solar too, but there’s tons of demand so I get it. They could rob people blind and still have a line around the block. It’s also worth mentioning that installers right now hit the books on gross payroll at something like $65-75 an hour. That’s still a lot less than the $250-300/hr or so that places seem to be charging for a tech and helper, but techs are incredibly short supply.


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At first blush I thought it was outrageous, but a high quality 5 ton heat pump is going to be a lot of money. Middle of the road were $6k like a decade ago, $10k for something nice just for the big pump isn’t impossible. That’s a lot less than $30k even after overhead/profit though.

I would ask for the breakdown for labor/materials for each pump and a lump sum cost for the electric.

I would also check your condensers and see how many BTU they are. It’s not uncommon to step up a size from condenser to heat pump to account for efficiency losses in cold weather (condensers are always very efficient).

I would bid the work. Don’t say anything about the first guy to the next guy, including what equipment he suggested.


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That's like asking for the best seafood restaurant in Maine. Pick a budget and it will almost certainly be great. Westport isn't my favorite town in the state by any means, but I've been into a ton of restaurants walking around and have yet to leave disappointed.


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It is and it isn’t. If you carry, any altercation within arms reach is immediately a viable self-defense claim. With the SCOTUS gradually making it so people can carry a handgun anywhere, I sincerely fear that there will be a significant rise in SD claims over minor altercations. E.g…. Someone gets pushed into your back at a crowded bar. You can’t see what their intentions are so you pull your gun. If they reach for it, even reflexively, you are legally entitled to kill them in many states.

Rittenhouse was acquitted because Wisconsin law allowed him to successfully argue he was afraid of being shot by his own gun. This isn’t going to be an isolated occurrence.

I’m not sure what fixes it, but it’s what keeps me up at night. People should have a right to self-security, but when lethal altercations are only viable as self defense claims because the shooter brought the gun… I’m not sure how that’s reconciled.

Police already have a hard enough job of managing this and they’re specifically trained on it. Your average yahoo isn’t likely to keep their cool to the same extent and the lines are going to get very blurry as more and more liberty is given to 2A interpretations.