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It sounds like these studies are a complete mess and are likely heavily biased by the researchers own opinions.

Things like tattoos, piercings, being very open minded and unique, taking risks, etc are considered rebellious by the older generation, but increasingly the younger generations encourage these traits in their own children so in that context they are definitionally not rebellious.

Any study into rebellion is going to be difficult to gauge because what constitutes 'rebellion' in the context of family and upbringing is going to vary wildly between families and even individuals. Nearly every trait that could be described as 'rebellious' could also be regarded as a positive trait by some parents.


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Our brain most strongly remembers novel experiences. If you've done the same thing over and over again it all kind of blends together, but something new sticks out. This is also why time seems to pass more quickly as you get older, you're having less novel experiences.

Watching the invasion realtime is something none of us have experienced before and was really stressful for most people. It was also smack in the middle of a time where most people had really boring day-to-day lives due to pandemic restrictions, so it REALLY sticks out.


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getting a vitamin D prescription filled also indicates this person is in regular contact with a medical provider.

Given that you can easily get vitamin d without a prescription, I'd say the fact they are seeing a doctor is a bigger factor.


That being said, anecdotally I find if I forget to take vitamin D in the winter I experience some seasonal depression and fatigue.


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This is crazy to me, where I live they'll only text you a negative result for a test, and only if you've opted in. If you have an actual health concern they need to inform you about, they always call and confirm that its you on the phone. If they can't get ahold of you, they just send a 'call us ASAP' text.