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Depends on what immediately means. The same year? No, of course not. Within 30 years? Probably. An unlikely but possible scenario is it takes a very long time to achieve AGI and we never see a singularity.


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No we can't cure aging next year, that will 100% not happen. That's not how science and technology works. There is not a single case of something being discovered one year and then have completly changed the world the same year. When we reach the singularity that will happen though.


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Because over the last 100 years every single year has only seen small improvements. But they have gotten slighly larger because technology is developing exponentially. The singularity is when these small yearly improvements have gotten so big 1 years difference would be like going from 1900-2000.


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Flying cars is in quotations for a reason, I count any vtol as flying car too, there already exist several different "flying cars", some have already flown. Some companies are Kitty Hawk, Terrafugia, Moller International, PAL-V and Airbus.


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No it's based on what a singularity actually is. In physics it's the point in a black hole when all concepts of time and space breaks down. The technological singularity is when technology moves so fast it results in unforseeable changes to human society. Yeah we can absolutely say the singularity is happening right now if we are looking at the bigger picture but that's not what the technological singularity is. Then it's just rapid growth of technology.