z33_boi t1_j5uhbwv wrote

That’s not enough evidence in my opinion. Dogs cant eat chocolate, humans can with no worries whatsoever. What happens to an animal can hint what could happen to a human but not all cases translate along those lines.

As long as it’s healthier than cigs (so far seems like it contains far less carcinogens and other toxic chemicals usually contained within cigarettes) its the lesser of two evils. I’m not an advocate for either (i use e-cigs myself, not a good habit) but if my kid got addicted for whatever reason I would want them to choose the lesser of two evils.

Also for the record, I don’t think ya’ll understand how horribly kids are using these products. They are taking a hit like a breath of fresh air every minute or so. I’ll have a few hits every few hours, maybe even longer intervals. It adds up and makes a considerable difference. No sense of moderation for these kids whatsoever.