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Hey, I agree with researching things. I just think it's kind of funny when it was like "Why are people trippin because some company wants to dump some waste in Baltimore? Don't be irrational, trust the experts!" And then now the tenor will be ....ehhh, not so fast, lets research.

Like I said in my initial post, we all do it, and I'm not pointing to you or saying you made that original post that got upvoted, cause you didn't, I'm just saying we all have those Ice Cube "first I was like....then I was like" moments, like so.


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>The wastewater that was scheduled to arrive in Baltimore from the East Palestine, Ohio, train derailment will be processed elsewhere, treatment company Clean Harbors said Tuesday morning.

>“While we are confident that our Baltimore facility is safe to handle and process that waste, as we have made clear from the beginning of this process, we would only be moving forward with the approval of all federal, state and local regulators,” Clean Harbors spokesman Jim Buckley said.

>The news comes in response to a move by Baltimore Mayor Brandon Scott to deny the Southwest Baltimore facility the ability to dump the treated wastewater from Ohio into the city’s sewer system and wastewater plant.


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If someone says that to you, call them a dummy then hail for a hack. When the hack gets there, slowly walk across the street in the middle of approaching traffic to get to it, then have them just sit there with their flashers on in front of an open space. Yell out to your tormentor “OH say does that star spangled banner yet wave” as you pull off, waving. Get out at the next light, walk back down toward them whistling using the street instead of the sidewalk and when you’re within earshot say in a menacing voice “You come at the king you best not miss…”


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> Police responded to a call at 12:05 a.m. to find six people who were shot, according to police sources, on the 2800 block of Edmondson Avenue. The police report did not identify Hall in the shooting, but friends and family on social media are mourning the passing of the 32-year-old Hall, a father of three. One other victim was listed in critical condition, while the others are in stable condition. Hall was pronounced dead on the scene.

Awful. R.I.P.


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Asking the real questions outchea. I've seen so many bad answers over the years. That it's situational awareness and so people can't jump out of alleys. That it's because the sidewalks are bad (they are, but do you want a twisted ankle or an SUV to clip you). That it's to be able to see the bus. I guess I like that one the best. The explanation I like the worst is that it's so people can pull car door handles. I've seen that from walkers and bikers.

I think I want to ask the next person I see doing it. Curiosity killed the cat. Fortunately, I am a human being and not a cat.


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I wish. Nobody wants to go down that road because they are a media outlet. The thing is, I don’t care if they would just promote republicans or do supposed conservative stuff, okay sure. But they warp everything, do underhanded shit, omit facts, cause chaos at every turn. But if we tried to get rid of them they would act like they were just trying to be good journalists poor ol them.


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>"If you wish to be reborn as a trash-being worthy of the Trash Wheel's love and respect the order encourages you to apply," the partnership said in a statement.

>Applicants will then be sorted into one of four Trash Wheel "houses," Turtleroar, Rattypaw, Otterfluff and Snekerin.


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>BALTIMORE - Mayor Brandon Scott announced the release of Baltimore's first-ever Public Safety Accountability Dashboard.

>The Dashboard is a "data tool designed to provide greater levels of transparency and allow the public to hold agencies accountable for executing agreed upon strategies and identifying best practices for measuring effectiveness of the administration's public safety efforts," according to city leaders.

>"Evaluation and accountability are central pillars of Baltimore's Comprehensive Violence Prevention Plan, because when it comes to public safety, progress can and should be measured," Mayor Scott said. "The Public Safety Accountability Dashboard provides a real-time look at the numbers that inform our data-driven efforts in ways that directly address Baltimore's latest public safety trends.

>"This innovative tool is core to upholding my commitment to transparency and accessibility in ways that also bring City government into the 21st century. I look forward to the further partnership cultivated by the dashboard with Baltimoreans across the city to increase public safety for all."


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>President Joe Biden is coming back to Baltimore next week.

>The White House announced on Friday afternoon that the president would be in town to speak to the House of Representatives Democratic Caucus Issues Conference on Wednesday.

>There was no immediate word on where or when exactly the Democrats would be meeting.

>The Democratic president was just in Baltimore in late January to tout federal funding to replace the Baltimore and Potomac Tunnel, a notorious bottleneck for rail traffic that’s one of the oldest tunnels operated by Amtrak, with the new Frederick Douglass Tunnel.


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> I don’t like to post Fox articles

And I typically don't like to read them because it just turns into a where's waldo of spot the lie, distortion, or misleading information. But this article seems like it's actually okay for the most part. Hope the sale goes through and redevelopment goes well and it helps.