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Rain is liquid water, it'll be more dense than the solid snow. Collect a container of snow and compare it to the weight of the same container of water. Or just melt the snow and see how little water there is in a large volume of snow.


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This is the right answer, I would also suggest u/Unnombrepls watch this video on the speed of motion by AlphaPhoenix since I always wondered the same thing about transmitting data faster than light by moving a long cylinder between two points. I knew it would be impossible, I just didn't know why it would fail (ignoring the engineering problem with creating a long enough cylinder to test this.)


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Imagine someone got the password to your Facebook account. They have no access to your PC whatsoever. They didn't hack into your computer and they have no access to your files or banking information, they just have access to post things on your Facebook. Same thing here, the CIA public facing website is not on the CIA network, it's an external service.