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Its goood spaghetti. Great spaghetti. Amazing even. Wonderful spaghetti here. Very wonderful. Very very wonderful. Delicious. It’s delicious. Very delicious. Its good, good spaghetti. Very good. Very good.


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I wish they let that character in the whole movie. Yes he’s bound to get the team killed, but he’s hilarious. Talking all that tough talk…… then vomits. Pure comedy


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drawitagain. Draw it again, draw what you saw. DRAW. IT. AGAIN!!!

im pretty sure Deniro called him exfil LMAO i was pissing my pants. I think the line was "draw it again Mr. Ex-Fil draw what you saw" or something like that.


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actor 1 --"Ok... we got shootas here and shootas here, I'll tell you an old tri-"

actor 2--"Hey!" puts coffee down and erases the board."

actor 1-"waht's your problem?!?"

actor 2--"drawitagain. draw it again. Draw what you saw, Draw-It-Again!! Let's see two shooters. One here, One here shooters kill each other dead. OH MY where'd you learn that?"


This is by far one of the funniest scenes in the movie and Deniro as always was impressive. There were a bunch of GREAT movie scenes, a ton of quotes, including when DeNiro was like "I wouldn't go in there if I were you" and Leon The Professional was like "we get paid to go in" LMAO.

This movie is one of THE greatest, the dialogue is genius


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I’m not a fan of chastain. She was brilliant in this movie. Hands down. I watched this last night and was going to make a new thread but the search button works.

This is a good ass movie. Sad stuff though, unfortunately this stuff happens in real life