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For me it was community college… got a useless art degree, but tons of confidence and opportunities to make friends. It changed my mindset. I move out of my parents house a year later to live with 3 people I barely knew, got a part time job and a girlfriend… 4 years later I moved to CA… two years later, I started working the best job I’ve ever had…. And I’m still changing my life, everyday. THIS YEAR, I have everything I need to join the Union and will. Ironically the thing holding me back the most right now is the student loans I HAD to take n order to get my life on track.


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So then make adjustments…

What makes more sense? Should holograms change to fit your imagined one?

Or or…

Should you change what you think of as a hologram…

I literally had to do this 4-5 times in my life already with “phones” :

Wired- kitchen wall
The cordless
Nokia the indestructible
Nextel Clam shell
Any Smart phone

And I’m not even mentioning seeing “phones in cartoons where you hold one end to your ear and yell into the phone box reciever.