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Holy shit you people in this sub love your downvotes. And sure, whatever. That wasn't my statement. I'm no tankie or Stalinist or whatever. But it's frustrating seeing someone claim that only faulty ideology caused that downfall. Life isn't nearly that black and white, and capitalism in history has very notably sought to snuff out socialism and communism whenever possible and by whatever means was feasible. It makes sense, it's a threat to their system of governance. It's why FDR was literally called a class traitor for implementing the New Deal. And why the far left at the time were against it because it was a band aid and not a cultural shift. The USSR sucked. Agreed.


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>The USSR destroyed itself, it had nothing to do with any other country.

The capitalist western world certainly stifled any vestige of communism. It's not like, up for debate, it's historical fact. The USSR had tons of their own problems and very well might have failed on its own, but I was responding to the quoted statement.


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Bro, I didn't say anything about America, nor anything negative about Tolkien or Warhammer. I clicked your profile and scrolled for a few seconds to see if you posted in some of the more outrageous subs which are especially telling that someone has major issues with reality. 40k and Tolkien are good hobbies/fandoms to be a part of (or, they can be). I subscribe to Nerd of the Rings on YouTube, it's fun. But you're having a harder time in world history, or in reading comprehension, I'm not sure which, because you keep saying I'm talking about shit that I'm not. And defending the post I was responding to, which was just me saying that the USSR didn't fail in a vacuum while acknowledging their corruption playing a big part. You're bringing your own baggage in, moving goalposts, whatabout-ing and wasting both of our time. Again, have a good day.

*edit: slight correction. I said US in that original post when I could have said western capitalist nations. But the point stands, and I didn't say 'the US alone' or anything like that.


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No point in continuing this, you're not interested in learning. Stick to Tolkien and 40k, you have a lot of reading to do in order to shore up the blank spots in your history knowledge, but have no trouble spouting off on it apparently. And your debatelord Andy nonsense is too transparent to work.

But have a nice day, regardless.


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I never said they did. But the cold war certainly constrained their growth/opportunities. Why did you think I believed it was a 'hot war'? It wasn't anything I said... Or are you under the impression that only open warfare can negatively affect a country?


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It's called nuance. It's weird that people have such a hard time discerning between two terrible things. You can acknowledge someone is one of the top two terrible humans to ever exist and still have people offended, which is kinda inevitable but, it's not saying one is puppies and rainbows. It's using the one as the bar for worst person ever.