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Despite Russia's general incompetence, it's hard enough as it is for Ukraine to defend its territory. Going through Moldova and Belarus would be a death sentence as the Russian propaganda puppets there would decry it as an invasion by Ukraine and how Russia was right all along. And I'm fairly certain Ukraine would stop receiving outside help at that point as well.


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Because it's a nothing burger investment. Here's an experiment: I want to see if 10$ can change the life of a homeless person. QUICK! Get the media!

If you haven't caught the issue: it's the media attention for this investment which is literal pocket change for Amazon. If a person or entity worth only a few millions decided to make this investment, then I'd agree it's worth highlighting.


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About what, how to charge people for more money? At this point in development time, Duke Nukem Forever was almost released. When Star Citizen was announced, Ps3 was at its peak, ps4 came and went, and there's a good chance the ps6 (or whatever hardware refresh will come about) will happen before this game is out.

If it wasn't a scam at first, it's definitely one now. At best, Roberts will release a game which won't satisfy most other than his hardcore supporters.