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FWIW, my son has an early September birthday. We used to live in MA, where the cutoff was 8/30. One of the advantages of our move to NH was the 9/30 cutoff allowing him to go to K a year sooner.

We were in a very similar situation, where we were very concerned about him being bored and leading to behavior issues. He's doing well in K, though the social stuff is still a work in progress. I'm not sure how much of this is related to going early and how much is because he lost a year of socialization during COVID.

All in all, I'm glad we sent him early, but we agonized over the decision for months and will never really know if it was the right one. There are advantages in both directions. Having the decision out of your hands isn't the worst thing.


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Yes, I have the "Kumo Station" on my Mitsubishi hyper heat system. It can control up to 4 zones of backup heat. You set which heat pump zones are backed by which backup zones. Then you set two temps. Above temp A, the backup never runs. Between A and B, heat pump runs first. If it fails to hit set point for the configured delay time, it adds the backup heat. Below temp B, it goes straight to backup heat.

The system works great. I first installed it in my Massachusetts house, because you got huge rebate. It went from $400/ton to $1600/ton by adding the integrated control system. Rebate change more than paid for it. The heat companies charge a bunch for it and some of them don't understand it. When we put the mini-splits in the NH house, I just bought the kumo station and installed it myself.


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Personally the idea of climbing around on a snowy/icy roof scares the crap out of me. I don't see how to do it right (zig zag with clips holding it down) without going on the roof. I tried tossing it out the overlooking windows at my old house after we had ice dams, but that didn't work worth anything.