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I worked in farmers markets and street fairs all around NJ/NY for years including JC/Hob.

It is unbelievable how much drama occurs. Almost always it has to do with vendor location, market rates, and most commonly with product.

I have seen fist fights over pasta sauce. But when the fish guy starts selling pasta sauce and the pasta sauce guy is already competing with the bread guy's pasta sauce, things can get saucy.

I have seen many fights over constantly arriving late. Driving a van around a packed market. Hitting someone's van with your van. Taking too long to set up and holding other vendors up. Usually the same bs.

I have even seen a vendor shamelessly steal another vendor's concept who was at the same market. So basically the chocolate guy shows up one day and isnt selling chocolate but has instead made a carbon copy of a jelly vendor on the other side of the market. everything from product to decor. We were all shocked. For "legal reasons" the market manager couldn't kick them out until the end of the season. Had to ride out months of them just blatantly copying. Crazy.

I used to think "this would mark for a great reality TV show".

But what a lot of vendors forget is that most people are coming to farmers markets to get good produce from local farmers. So as long as the drama is between vendors and the market manager, the farmers and shoppers dont really care


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JKF subway to connect bayonne thru North Bergen that connects at JSQ to NYC bound path. I believe this would help balance development throughout the city going forward.

Also NYC bound path trains going to high speed rail, exponentially increasing capacity/decreasing travel time


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I agree the city is surely not easy to work with, there are definitely comparable projects in the city that have been completed in much less time. People get paid a lot of money to design plans to accommodate for local building regulations on these projects. It seems to be a problem on the WF architecture/contracting level imo


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I mean what am I missing here? WF cant find a contractor to build out a store in under 3 years? How long has it been? Are they just eating the rent every month? Its really an impressive level of incompetence even from a large Bezos owned corp.


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I always take Palisade ave when heading north on a bike. There is no bike lane but its a wide street and traffic is pretty chill. Most importantly Palisade ave is at the very top of the palisade and basically runs completely flat all the way through HC.

Honestly though I wouldnt overthink it


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You have to file both, not pay both:
"In short, you’ll have to file your taxes in both states if you live in NJ and work in NY. Like most US States, both New York and New Jersey require that you pay State income taxes. Some states have reciprocal tax agreements, allowing you only to pay taxes in your home state. New Jersey has a reciprocal tax agreement with Pennsylvania, but they do not have one with New York. Because of this, since you live in a different state from the one that you work in, you need to make sure you file a tax return in both.
In New York, you will need to file a non-resident return (IT-203). While in New Jersey, you will need to file as a resident (NJ-1040). But if you’re filing two returns, that begs the question: do you pay double taxes if you live in NJ and work in NY?
Great news for you, no! You do not have to pay double taxes. However, if you want to avoid paying more than you owe, it is vital that you file your New York return first so that when you file in New Jersey, you will receive a tax credit for any taxes you already paid. This will prevent you from being taxed on the same income by both States."