zifahm t1_jczj9vx wrote

I'd never understand the argument for memorization. If you are using an Excel spreadsheet, u'll clearly won't do stuff via hand and also the formula is neither memorised.

The mere notion of getting stuff done and getting the answer correct using a tool seems largely offensive to PPL.

I'd say if a person does not need to learn to compute maths that can be done by an external computing machine, the he or she can invest his brain power in more difficult tasks.

This just shows the faliure of our schools where more complicated subjects are not introduced early and easy things like calculating stuff by a calculator taught early.

I'd recommend teaching 3rd grade kifs general relativity with a calculator on hand and by the time they hit college they would have learned torroids and quantum mechanics. Using calculators for faster compute.

This would clearly bring more prosperity to the human society.


zifahm t1_jcz7x4t wrote

I have the same issue with chess as well, why can't chess players look at their phones and get the best recommend move to defeat their opponents. The opponent has the same ability too. Also maybe add an "ask you coach or team life line as well"

Chess with AI and life lines would be way more fun than 1-1 games been done for the last 100 years