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When he file for "improvement", the "improvement" is 100% identical to what the other party made. So yes, stealing.

Just like how the current copyright law are being missused. The first to claim for "copyright" is "the owner" regardless if the original author file for "copyright" or not. Worse, if original author want to file for "copyright" but somebody else already files first, the orignal author got denied.

>Phonograph, ore processor, power meter, tattoo gun

So, "Telegraph Technician ffs" have the knowledge or "idea" to invent this? 🤣


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The discussion is, what invention did Edison make?

Since u are simping for Edison, u know how he came to have the fund. Also, he "successfully invented" viable commercial light bulb, which is done by other engineer

>He didn't come from money. He was a telegraph technician ffs.

Didnt come from money, yet somehow he made 100s of business & partnership? Where did he get the "money" to start all that business? Only a telegraph Technician yet able to "successfully invented" something way beyond his own knowledge


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Name one of his "invention". Eddison never have his own invention. All are "commision" and he took the credit, burying the original inventor in legal