zizn t1_ixxwewe wrote

Would be nice to get some solid retopo ai models. But I think 3D will take a lot of necessary progress to kill off. That whole realm is such a behemoth with all kinds of intricacies and requirements. It’s definitely not been primed to allow for workflows to be as vague as “input thing, output result”.

That said, I don’t think career art is safe. One of my many unfortunate realizations is that career art is nothing all that different from a regular job, it just exploits creative technical ability. Unless you’re the 1%, start your own business, something like that. Definitely don’t think jobs like basic graphic design, modeling, rigging, roto, are particularly invulnerable, but they’re currently still needed. But if the tech gets there, I get the sense that industries will be eager to have the same work done for a fraction of the price, even if there are hurdles along the way. The good part is: perhaps art can get back to its roots and actually be about creative expression. Bad part is that it may become far less sustainable as a source of income. I would personally love to see people treading CG more like a traditional art form, but it absolutely does not pave the path to getting a job. Fast, clean, done, again is the mantra for jobs. Predictable, efficient, the type of thing that AI can improve upon.