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I forget where I heard this but I agree that New Jerseyans are kind but not nice, whereas Californians are nice but not kind.

Like a Jerseyan will fix your tire on the side of the road but then call you a dumbass for not knowing how to do it yourself. A Californian will sympathize with your plight but then shrug and drive on.


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sounds about right, not sure why you got downvoted.

just replaced a 130 year old, 100-year lifespan drain pipe in my house this year after it cracked and was pouring grey water down through the central shaft of my house and into the basement. so that was fun. we discovered the issue when we had a black mold infestation in our bathroom for no discernable reason. the entire line needed to go.

not a gas line obviously, but same idea. after a certain amount of time, the whole thing is garbage and you can't just patch it. doesn't stop people from trying.


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here's a real answer:

Scientists estimate that about 48.5 tons (44 tonnes or 44,000 kilograms) of meteoritic material falls on the Earth each day.

don't be too worried about the 23 500-lb satellites that will also vaporize alongside the 44 tons of space rocks that already do the exact same thing.


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In the northeast US I would say yeah, most folks I know put off first kid till 28-32 but I know a couple of younger parents as I have a 7 year old and a few of her friends have parents in their late 20s or early 30s. But they’re also not as well off. There’s definitely still a socioeconomic aspect to it.


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You misunderstand me.

Up until like literally this year NJ DLs have been realID SINCE 2001 or whatever. Now suddenly as they’re becoming required for national flights in 3 years NJ decides to cheap out and go back to less secure drivers licenses? Wtf.


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I mean I was saying this in 2012. Philly looked up and coming and very trendy then, especially neighborhoods like fish town and NL, but none of those young professionals were gonna plant real roots bc as soon as they start to want having kids they’d take one look at the school situation and fuck the hell off back to the suburbs.

That’s what me and my wife did at the time, and she lived there for like 10 years. I worked at the navy yard then, and would have loved to live in the city, but not with a kid going to school in 5 years