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Longest possible train journey takes 21 days and goes from portugal to singapour... should cover plenty countries to see. You can take ONE plane if necessary from american to european continent and you can cover enought options... but ok do everything by plane then and post it in uplifting news to show everyone how less of a fuck you give


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He is right. Why is this uplifting for anyone?

Two retired woman have vaccation

Wow such amazing news that will help the airlines they book a lot good for them.

Tomorrow i will make a post here

My grandma made herself a sandwich, she sais:" you are never too old old to make yourself a sandwich if you belive in yourself"


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this is not uplifting news becasue its just false :the islamic republic dont change shit. as we speak the slaughtering beating and surpression is going on,What iranians understand for many years now, the rest of the world should finally understand : The mullah regime is lying as it benefits them, they see that this "morality police" is a bad image now so they shut it down officially becasue they know the ignorant foreign Public media is eating this crap... it also came at a time where countrywide demonstrations were announced.

and ppl like op who are spreading this bullshit are part of the problem