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There is a direct relationship between the mass of a black hole and the size of its event horizon. if you know the one, you know the other. So if a black hole is the highest mass ever seen, it would also be the largest in terms of its event horizon.

That said, inside the event horizon we simply can't know what goes on. So the "actual size" (meaning, how much space the matter inside the black hole occupies) is, I believe, simply unknown.


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Aaand... the XC World Cup will be in the Twin Cities next year after having been canceled in 2020 due to COVID!

For those who don't know, it is extremely rare for the XC World Cup to hold races outside Europe. So this is a big deal, and I believe Jessie Diggins has been one of the people advocating hard for it to come to North America more often.


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Since they are pairing them with software that can presumably compensate for any non-flatness to the frequency response, all that matters is that their FR be well characterized and that it be capable of producing the requisite volume at all frequencies. They probably also have a precise understanding of the amp involved so that they know the exact volume that a certain level signal will produce at any given frequency.


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I like them a lot! Haven’t heard the 371 so can’t compare. They are somewhat warm but not rolled off or veiled, and they can also be easily EQed to meet whatever target you prefer. Decent bass extension for an open back.

That said, don’t sell your current cans short. Just because some headphones are relatively inexpensive doesn’t mean they are bad. A lot of people consider their Koss or $40 chifi iems perfectly good endgames.