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fine, so which category does a person who seeks out boobs to look at on the internet resembles to? someone who meets another nudist person and actively seeking out to stare at them or someone who just happen to meet them and look at them but not at the genitals in particular? again I am not calling the OP a perv on the nudist beach. but he is not done looking at genitals. he immature and wants to play. that is fine, but not in a relationship she wants. btw i think she cannot demand that he becomes mature. it happens when it happens.


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wait, so a man is still interested sexually in other women in a committed relationship. do I deduce that he still wants to play ? yes. and I said that this is perfectly ok and that his girlfriend should not control this. this is not something that she can change on demand. so now you think that I am a control freak. weird.


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everyone. I am a woman. why would I look at boobs at the beach? Prepare to be shocked: there are naturalists who are butt naked when they bath. i lived in japan you are naked when you bathe with women or mixed genders so with men as well. Do you think people look at each others' genitals there? jesus. so immature. Everyone has genitals you stop staring at them after you come to terms with your sexuality.


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it seems to be a stupid rule. do you. you are not done with playing around and she wants that from a relationship. this cannot be forced on anyone. go play around until you are mature enough to have a serious relationship.